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If you're seeking wisdom and enlightenment your every action is important. In Buddhism a person's intentional actions are thought to have appropriate effects, either in this lifetime or in future lifetimes. This is called the “law of karma”. An intentional action is any thought, word, or physical action that is conscious, reflected on, and willed. These willed actions are considered either “skillful” or “unskillful”. Skillful actions are those done in harmony with the dharma, and therefore performed in a mental state that leads to higher enlightenment. Unskillful actions are those that arise from craving, aversion, or delusion (the three “hindrances”). They're not considered bad but are thought of as not helpful to a person seeking enlightenment for both the diversion they cause in the present and their future consequences.

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The three hindrances, also called “defilements” or “roots of evil”, are greed, anger/aversion, and delusion. They cause unskillful actions and states of mind which hinder spiritual progress. Becoming enlightened involves training your mind to avoid these states so that you can become more peaceful, insightful, and less involved with the ego.

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